"The REAL Soundtrack of Our Lives"


They are the Baby Boomers. They are the largest audience of all time. And their numbers grow by 6,000 each and every day. They have a ton of time and a ton of money. And they’re spending it ! They have influenced ad agencies to change antiquated methods of reaching them. Companies now realize that this is a huge source of spendable income. And the "Boomers" are leaving terrestrial radio in droves. Satellite radio offers dozens of niched formats, none of which is programmed with the thought, planning, and detail that Bill Drake has made his Legend on. His new concept, “The TOP 40 Time Clock…The REAL Soundtrack of Our Lives”, will keep the audience wondering what will come next. It’s “Radio for Grown Ups”. Instead of taking their I pod or library of CD’s out, the audience will tune into the “TOP 40 Time Clock”.

Don Barrett’s “Los Angeles Radio People” headline article last week began with “Bill Drake was the architect of Boss Radio, arguably one of a handful of Top 40 programmers who shaped the Rock ‘n Roll landscape during the last half century. “ Drake has been featured in full page articles in Time, Newsweek, and countless other publications. Drake and long time partner, Gene Chenault, were the first two people to be inducted into the California Broadcasters Association’s “Radio Hall of Fame”, in July, 1996. He programmed more Top rated radio stations across the country at the same time than anyone in broadcasting. They included KHJ Los Angeles, KFRC San Francisco, CKLW Detroit/Windsor, WRKO Boston, WOR-FM New York, KGB San Diego, WHBQ Memphis, KYNO Fresno and approximately 360 stations nationally, through Drake-Chenault syndication. And, history has a way of repeating itself. Enter Bill Drake and the “TOP 40 Time Clock..The REAL Soundtrack of Our Lives” for the 21st Century.

Drake says, “The REAL key to radio programming, is what you DON’'T play…Anybody can come up with a list of songs to play…those lists are everywhere…What to leave IN and what to leave OUT is the REAL secret…and few people have that gift."  Drake has come up with another amazing concept, and this format is going to have a huge audience. It has a great hook…You can’t wait to hear what comes up next. It's the History of TOP 40 Radio without the narration.

Drake is being joined by long time friend and colleague, Bill Watson, who was National Program Director for Drake-Chenault. Drake and Watson, also produced Drake-Chenault’s highly acclaimed “History of Rock and Roll” and the “History of Country Music”.

With over 1800 Hit songs, the “TOP 40 Time Clock” has been programmed to never play the same song in the same 6 hour daypart for 13 ½ days. That hasn’t been accomplished by any broadcast outlet, terrestrial or satellite. The songs will be played in the order that they hit the charts. Songs will be surrounded ONLY by other songs, from the SAME time frame. It doesn’t jerk back and forth. It’s a GRADUAL evolution of MUSIC and TIME. Programmed this way, it all fits together and BLENDS. The TOP 40 Time Clock begins with the Birth of Rock & Roll and then moves FORWARD IN TIME….but with MASS APPEAL…. meaning NO Hip Hop, NO Rap, and NO Heavy Metal. But all of it widely acceptable to “Grown Ups”. Drake’s “Top 40 Time Clock” will deliver this huge audience. They have been searching for what they grew up with and have been disenfranchised from hearing it on the radio.

Although designed specifically for satellite delivery, with no commercial breaks, the “TOP 40 Time Clock” can be engineered for terrestrial radio stations. Cable and Internet delivery may also utilize the “TOP 40 Time Clock. It’s the “REAL Soundtrack of Our Lives”.

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